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Follow-up lead generation

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It takes at least more than half a dozen touch points before a lead becomes qualified. That’s why prospects have to be consistently followed up and carefully nurtured to turn them into genuine opportunities. At InceptionworX, we see to it that each prospect in your pipeline is engaged at the right points in the buying cycle, so that when they finally become ready to talk to you, you won’t miss the chance.

InceptionworX aims to help you:

  • Reduce cost per lead
  • Overcome lead generation challenges
  • Focus more on crucial projects
  • Speed up sales growth
  • Speed up sales growth
  • Slim down overhead
  • Better market positioning
  • Get complete visibility into your campaign
  • Mitigate risks involved in marketing

We help you develop and deploy lead generation strategies that enable you to meet your business goals. Our lead generation philosophy is based on precision and designed to put your solution in front of your target marketing audience as workable business ideas.

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