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Event Telemarketing – Tried and true, events are still a powerful way to share business ideas and sparking interest in your company. However, generating a large audience starts way before you get on the podium. Our telemarketing services have experience sending out invitations to targeted prospects who will likely frequent your next conference.

Email Marketing – Sometimes the line between sharing and spamming gets rather thin. Our email marketing service can help you walk that narrow tightrope. Whether it’s spam filters, online regulations, and targeted send-outs, there’s no barrier to our own effective email marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing – Social media offers ways to connect with potential customers which other channels might not. Establishing a sound profile on LinkedIn can be a tremendous waste of effort if you’re still struggling to get people’s attention. Here at InceptionworX, our experts help you build key bridges to really maximize ROI on social media marketing.

Follow-Up Lead Generation –Today, the best leads are not always the ones qualified on the first contact. Sometimes they’re the ones nurtured over time by timing with just the right follow-up. Ideas do take some time to take root and it takes a dedicated effort of following up to make sure your prospect takes a growing interest.