Rookie telemarketing Mistakes that force prospects to hang up

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Rookie telemarketing Mistakes that force prospects to hang up

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As a sales rep or a telemarketer, you’re no stranger to rejections. Making calls to hundreds of prospects in a daily basis, surely you’ve been hanged up by prospects within seconds. No matter how great your sales offers are or no matter how prepared you are, some of those calls will result in hang-ups

Well, getting hung up isn’t that bad, we shouldn’t dwell on it that much. But what if, those hung up that isn’t that important to you is important to your employer? What will you do now? Surely you can do better, right?


So what are these mistakes that force prospects to hang up? Surely you can recall any instances that occur during your calls right? Well, if you can’t or really don’t know why, I’ll give you some reasons as to why.


  1. Ignoring prospect’s thoughts


Let’s have a call scenario


Sales rep: Good Day, I’m Glenn from Corp Inc. and I want to talk about our services


Prospect: Well, now isn’t the right time.


Sales rep: I understand. But Corp Inc can help you raise your revenue by 50%! We’ve worked with companies that are similar to yours and. —


Prospect: [Hangs up]


Prospects hate it when you’re not listening to them. If a prospect said “It’s not the right time” or “I’m busy” then you should respect that. Remember, Prospects can turn into leads, and leads are what helps your company to grow.


  1. Scripted lines?


You can’t fool prospects with those same lines you used on your daily basis of cold-calling. Prospects have already experienced the worst of the worst, let alone a phone call that is scripted. You need to be more interesting when talking to prospects. That being said, why not start off with “Hello sir, are you feeling well today?” or something like that.


Be more friendly and aware of your word choice. Prospect can recognize a professional telemarketer to a rookie one. So you need to be more friend when talking to prospects.


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