Research 101: Essential Email Marketing Steps for B2B Marketing

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Research 101: Essential Email Marketing Steps for B2B Marketing

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Essential email marketing steps. It cannot be denied that Email Marketing has its great challenge for B2B marketing research. In this post, we will be citing some evidence presented in the research of E. Fariborzi and M. Zahedifard from the International Journal of e-Education, e-Business, e-Management and e-Learning, Vol. 2, No. 3, June 2012 in some the essential steps any B2B marketers should implement.  Essential Email Marketing Steps for B2B Marketing

The following steps are excerpts and are valuable during implementing E-mail marketing:

Step One: Essential email marketing steps is to define Email-based marketing. Before starting to create a marketing strategy based E-mail; you can specify what means E-mail marketing for your organization.

Step Two: Essential email marketing steps is to determine the purpose. The most important question you should answer: “What is the purpose of marketing via E-mail for your company?” Important questions to answer are: Why E-mail Marketing? How E-mail marketing through existing marketing efforts will help you? How your marketing efforts will be linked together? What is the current lead generation process? How E-mail marketing helps to generate leads? Are you in touch with your customers regularly? Does E-mail Marketing replace or complement any other communication strategies?.

Step Three: Building a customer database is an essential email marketing steps. Some of this information may include demographic data (e.g., age, gender, etc.), customer status and so on.

Step Four: Privacy Policy is an essential email marketing steps Provide a privacy policy link that makes visitors sure their E-mail addresses will not be shared or sold without their permission.


Step Five: Organized by the Department or Group. The next step of building a marketing strategy is managing internal information of the organization. At this point, should be starting to find opportunities for organizing information to achieve their ultimate goal.

Step six: Projecting content is an essential email marketing steps. Now that you identify who you are communicating with and the type of communication you want to produce, you need to plan the real content for each item. To do this, you should build an editorial calendar. This will assist you prepare for the future and make you certain that each communication contain relevant content.

Step seven: From, to and subject Line. What you write in front of the from, to and subject line is the first step to communicate with your customer. It is very important to write smartly for encouraging them to open their E-mail. Step eight: Test message. One of the profits of E-mail is the capability to test quickly and measure outcome before an entire E-mail campaign is launched.

Step nine: Tracking results of competition is an essential email marketing steps. At this stage we need a criterion for success. For each type of publication you should outline what will represent success. Sharing these metrics (such as the number of people who click) helps that all involved to recognize that how E-mail can truly impact on an organization. The most important metrics are: Delivery rate, Open rate and Click-through rate.

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