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Make Your Emails More Persuasive During outbound communication

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Make Your Emails More Persuasive During outbound communication

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Make Your Emails More Persuasive During outbound communication

The food of sales and marketing is communication. Every closed deals with value and complexities all relies to the ability of a marketer to express himself clearly and persuasively.

Outbound email on this matter has a special breed of writing. There is only a small chance to get the reader’s attention and convincing them to make a move takes more than just saying. There are writing techniques that might actually help you pack you outbound emails worth sending.

There are actually seven thing you should consider before making or sending an outbound email. Check them out below.

The audience

In every technical writing, first thing to consider is you recipient. Remember there is a target to your email, and that is you prospect. To do this, you should hire a data profiler to tailor the audience that will be reading your outbound emails.

Use the Social Proofing

Remember I said when you should hire a data profiler? This is part of his work. He will be choosing high-end prospect that will more likely to make a reply from your email. Results would be great of the open rate is high relatively. He will make an adjustment as to how you will make the offer more attractive and hit your competitors.


Make a small talk.

Outbound email aren’t meant to have too much to say but making it sound like a robot would be really cold in the part of your prospect. By making a small talk in your introduction, you can see some difference. Prospects will reply even though its outside you scope. Advantage? You can ask for a referral.

Add a headshot in the email signature

In one Cornell University study, researchers edited images of the Trix rabbit mascot, then asked adults to pick between several cereal boxes bearing different versions of the image. Participants most often chose the box where the rabbit was directly looking at them. This means, if you put a photo in your emails and that means people will read it or engage with your content.

Solve, solve, and solve the problem.

Again and again, your prospect has their problems but that doesn’t mean they are ready to solve the problem. But inflicting an emotional influence will flick their interest. How? You’ll have to talk about the problem in emotional terms, then swoop in with a solution to demonstrate how you can help. Secret here is empathy.

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