Key Reasons for Outsourcing Telemarketing Surveys

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Key Reasons for Outsourcing Telemarketing Surveys

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Telemarketing surveys in many companies will undertake themselves to endeavor to monitor their customer experience; this is very much a step in the right direction and if done in such a way that the right questions are asked with the ultimate customer feeling that they can express their opinion of the product/service experienced then it will identify areas that can be enhanced thus leading to improvements.

Telemarketing Surveys

Other companies may feel that it is better to outsource this activity to specialist. Using a reputable company with significant experience in this type of work will ensure that optimum results are generated that will add value to the processes within a business.

Some of the reasons that companies do decide to outsource Telemarketing surveys are as follows:

Resource and Time

Within businesses there is no resource with the right experience to undertake a telemarketing survey and therefore either the project does not happen or alternatively happens but is not set up, managed and interpreted as proficiently as it could have been and therefore does not either have the profile within the business to drive changes through or alternatively does not tell the company anything truly meaningful.

Knowing the right questions to ask

The company wishing to understand the true telemarketing experience does not have the right level of experience to be able to fully scope out the types of questions to ask to gain the most insight into how they can not only capture said intelligence but also report it and analyze it in such a way that it can be clearly understood and form the basis of an action plan.


Getting to the Truth

It is only by really asking the right questions about the right areas of business and being open to hearing the whole truth that the full benefits from a telemarketing program can be fully gained.

Getting Results that you can use

Via clever questioning the opportunity also exists to gather additional useful intelligence on your customers that help you to understand them better and this can indeed help to drive your company’s B2B marketing strategy.

Frequency of undertaking satisfaction surveys

Typically it is recommended that customers should be contacted no more than 6 monthly, and given the option to opt out of receiving phone surveys if requested.

By undertaking telemarketing surveys on a regular basis companies can identify areas of weakness more quickly and avoid any complacency. It is also better to undertake a survey with customers whose experience in dealing with you is still fresh in their minds as their experience is still fresh in their minds and feedback is then more meaningful.


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