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Healthcare, Medical Practice & Devices

Face the challenges of healthcare marketing with InceptionworX as your medical telemarketing partner. With our extensive expertise in health sales lead generation & appointment setting, we’ve been a leading industry provider of healthcare-specific telemarketing solution since our founding. Choosing InceptionworX as an extension of your marketing arm means our experience in contacting organizations and practices is at your disposal, as well as our targeted cold calling campaigns.

Connect with highly-qualified healthcare leads and sales appointments using our telemarketing and data management resources.

  • Hospitals & Related Institutions
  • Medical Practitioners & Specialty Care Providers
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Health Insurance Carriers & Brokers
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Medical Laboratory/Diagnostic Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies
  • Healthcare & Medical Research Groups

For your campaign, you’ll be assigned a team of medical telemarketing specialists and an account manager with exclusive working experience in the sector.

We believe that cold calling is only a channel for carefully screening prospects, not hauling in leads by the bucket. Thus, we make sure that each lead or appointment we transfer to your sales team is a genuine opportunity.

Contact us today and see how InceptionWorx can help your business grow.