Generate Sales Leads while planning for your future attempts

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Generate Sales Leads while planning for your future attempts

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It’s somehow displeasing when most of your leads are difficult to convert into a sales lead. Well, that doesn’t mean that leads themselves aren’t valuable if they don’t turn into sales.

Lead Generation is about gathering information. That information still valuable for you, how? Well for starters it can help you plan for the future attempts. The future you want for your business.

Remember that you are in the B2B world, meaning that you are doing business with other business owners. Business owners have a different way of communicating, interacting and you basic analyzing. You might be caught off-guard if you aren’t prepared.

Your research approach differs to those in the B2C world. So you might want to change the way you interact into something that is more appropriate in the B2B world.


The Three Marketing Strategy:

You are given three marketing strategy that is at your disposal, telemarketing, email marketing and social media marketing. This three are useful in the B2B world, more likely this three are what marketers are currently using right now.

Telemarketing – Telemarketing is commonly used by businesses that is looking for clients, they can be really annoying at some point, but you just need to figure out how you can communicate with client on the other side. Communicating isn’t hard when you can communicate with your co-workers with ease. I’ll give you one advice that I often tell myself when I speak with some of my co-worker “Listen”

Email Marketing – This is where marketers announce or promote their services through the help email spamming. But be sure that what you promote aren’t going into the spam box, if it is then you need to change the content of your email copies.

Social Media Marketing – Social Media have been useful to B2C world, now that B2B have invaded the Social Media. Noises from B2C and B2B are intertwining, and things are beginning to get very difficult for most Content marketers. One way to go through the noise is, to think ahead or be unique.

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