B2B Leads Generation: Going back to Basic

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B2B Leads Generation: Going back to Basic

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One of the major factors in any B2B Companies is Lead Generation. When opportunity strikes and leads become customers, you’ll need to maintain it well in order for the leads to be a repeating customer.


There are two categories that fall under leads – Inbound and Outbound. Inbound leads are generated by sources outside your company, like blogs, social media, referring websites and the like. As for Outbound, it is generated by the company’s own salespeople, inside reps and Sales Development Reps.

Getting qualified leads in the first place is a major hurdle in marketing.



1. Blogging

The first step for inbound lead generation is blogging. A blog is a way to share and create informative content that gives vital knowledge for your target audience

In writing your own blogs, you can and should write what you want to share with the world, not just in your targeted market. The more blogs you do, the more your blog is read and shared, the more source of inbound leads you’ll receive.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your prospects are searching for products that they need in their business every day. You, as a marketer should know what the main keyword that most marketers or prospect use in searching what they need.

Research is the key to this Strategy. Research alone can help you understand your prospect better, effectively and precisely. Why not step in their shoes and see what they really need, who knows a good content on your company blog can attract that prospects to make a lead sales deal with you.

3. Webinars
One excellent way to showcase your expertise and knowledge in business. Of course, this will be time-consuming in getting people to invest their time in your webinar. By that, you must use Webinars as a mean of educating participants and meeting their challenges or giving them a guide on how to do this particular strategy.



4. Social Media

Prospecting in Social Media can locate possible leads, of course, this leads is still a prospect, one site that can help you is LinkedIn. Search and connect with prospects. Create a relationship. Find out their issues, and provide top-notch experts.

5. Cold-Calling
Still very much viable method in getting leads… But this approach has changed completely. It will take you a lot of phone calls to get a sale. Understanding the new way of cold-calling might help you change the way you do cold-calling.

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